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        Find your local

        We have over 700 pubs and bars nationwide.

        Our Formats

        With an extensive selection of formats, we have a little something for everyone.

        • Classic Inns

          Classic Inns

          Classic Inns are destination suburban pubs, combining a traditional pub environment with a premium food and drink experience.

        • Proper Pubs

          Proper Pubs

          Traditional pubs at the centre of every community. A warm and welcoming place to socialise for a quiet pint, family lunch or a weekend night out.

        • Slug & Lettuce

          Slug & Lettuce

          Stylish, branded high-street bars, Slug and Lettuce prides itself on fantastic cocktails, premium food and a wonderful atmosphere throughout the day and night.

        • Town Pub & Kitchen

          Town Pub & Kitchen

          Modern, independent-feel high-street pubs – open for breakfast and trading late, these sites provide a premium food and drink experience.

        • Venues


          From lively Latino to classic pop anthems, our eclectic group of stunning late-night venues offers a unique experience for those looking to party into the early hours.

        • Walkabout


          Australian themed bars with the best seats for watching sport to the ultimate party venues, chilled places to meet up and get stuck into our Aussie food.

        • Yates


          The iconic ‘ALL-DAY-LONG’ high-street bar. Famed during the day for value food and drink – transitioning to a higher-energy party venue at night.

        • Common Room

          Common Room

          The perfect ‘hang-out’ any time of day. A collection of distinctive pubs, famed for great coffees, craft ales, street food and sport.

        Work with us

        Friendly people, a fun atmosphere and tremendous career opportunities – you’ll enjoy all these and more when you join Stonegate.

        Join our team

        Drink sensibly

        At Stonegate we are committed to ensuring our customers drink in moderation and to helping them understand the key impacts of alcohol.

        Find Out More

        Get in touch

        At Stonegate, we want to hear from you. Drop us a line to tell us about your experiences in our pubs.

        Contact us
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